We live our lives surrounded by technology. From cell phones to motor vehicles, we interact every day with a myriad of devices and manufactured items that all make our lives easier, more convenient and usually more pleasant. But when an item is defective, designed improperly or manufactured negligently, that ordinary interaction can go wrong and suddenly, you or a member of your family is looking at a lifetime of pain or medical difficulties.


At Nichols Darling PLLC, our attorneys are able to handle the most complex product liability case. We are experienced trial attorneys who spend much of our days preparing for and trying complex cases involving sophisticated technological, procedural and legal issues. We have the experience to make difficult concepts clear to a jury, and we examine the facts of a case in painstaking detail, enabling us to build compelling arguments for our clients in Kentucky.
Product liability cases can involve a bewildering range of topics. They encompass items like:
  • Defective automobile ignition switches
  • Space heaters that cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Prematurely exploding air bags
  • Food products containing toxins, foreign material or bacteria
  • A pressure cooker that can be opened before it depressurized
  • Small appliances that malfunction and catch fire


Injuries from defective products may be limited to burning a hand or being sickened with a temporary illness. Often, however, the defect can result in serious injuries and in the worst cases, death. By working with our experienced attorneys, we can help you determined your potential claims and the likelihood of success based on your facts and circumstance.
Because much in these cases will hinge upon the quality of the evidence, the earlier in the process our attorneys can begin their investigation, the better. Preserving the evidence for an engineer to examine or having a thorough investigation of remaining food items by toxicologists can make a significant difference in determining the cause of the injury and demonstrating who is responsible.