The stakes are always high with a criminal law charge. In addition to the trauma of the investigation and trial, there is the potential for fines and incarceration. While most people are familiar with the broad contours of criminal prosecution and trials from television and the movies, nothing can prepare you for the visceral feelings brought by an actual arrest and the prospect of spending time behind bars in a Kentucky state or federal prison.


Whether you were charged with Medicaid reimbursement fraud, tax evasion, mail or wire fraud, some other white collar crime, drug possession or any criminal charge, after your arrest, you need to obtain an attorney and to remain silent. Explicitly ask for an attorney and state that you will not answer any further questions.
At no time can any explanation from you help your case in any way. If law enforcement is expending resources to arrest you, they believe you are guilty and there is evidence of a crime that they will use to convict you in a court of law.


They are not your friends, nor do they “just want to ask a few questions.” They want to convict you, and talking with them could provide additional damaging information or more likely with discrepancies from other written or spoken statements they may have already amassed.
These discrepancies can be used to discredit you and can cause a judge or jury to question your motives or credibility and lead to your conviction. Our attorneys at Nichols Darling PLLC understand the seriousness of any criminal charge, and we do the talking for you.


We can also assist with any appeals that may be necessary in a criminal case. We have argued appellate cases in the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the Kentucky Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.
Appeals are different. The purpose of an appeal is different than a trial. During an appeal, you must demonstrate to the court that the lower court made an error and that you should have prevailed at trial or your case was crippled by the error. The rules are different and you need an experienced attorney who is at ease in this high-pressure environment. Our lawyers know what it takes to be successful in a court of appeals.