A serious personal injury is always traumatic for the victim. You are driving innocently along the road in Kentucky, minding your business, heading to work, school or a store. The next instant you transported into another world — one of insurance companies, healthcare providers, courts and lawyers. In many cases, a world of pain. Things that were easy and effortless before the injury are now fraught with pain and difficulty.


We know you just want to feel better. Doctors can help, but the best medical care is expensive and takes time. You just want return you to your pre-injury state of feeling good or feeling “normal.” Nichols Darling PLLC can help.

Whether you were injured in a crash involving a semi-truck or suffered injuries when a defective product failed, our attorneys have skill and expertise with complex cases. Our attorneys can take apart the complexity and make it understandable, for you and for a jury or judge. This is how we have developed our record of success with these types of cases.


Modern technology has improved many elements of our daily lives. When a crash occurs or a product fails, that technology can seem so complex that it may appear impossible to figure out what when wrong or who is truly responsible for your injuries. This is sometimes referred to as “black box” technology, where stuff happens, but how it happens is unclear.

This is where we can help. Much of our practice involves working with very complex cases. This makes us very adept at the tedious but necessary work of examining in an exacting manner the facts and the law of every case, and extracting what really happened from all of the obscuring details.

Our experience allows us to provide exceptional representation in personal injury cases involving:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Products liability
  • Wrongful death

We understand how overwhelming this process can be when you are injured. Our lawyers work to explain the law and the process, allowing you to make a meaningful contribution to your case and ensuring you know what is happening and why.

Personal Injury


When we accept a case, it is because we are ready to passionately represent an individual or entity and work for the best possible outcome in their case. Contact our Lexington firm with our online form or call 859-368-8116 or 1-866-554-5430.

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