It is easy to underestimate the seriousness of a car accident. The trouble is, they are so common as to be unremarkable, until you have been involved in one and suffered injuries that are often serious, long-lasting and life changing.
Millions of crashes happen every year. You may ignore them when they are on the evening news here in Lexington, but if you have suffered severe injuries after a crash, there is no ignoring them. In addition to the immediate cost of medical treatment and care, you may also have long-term medical costs.
Your injuries may have produced chronic pain and require repeated surgeries, rehabilitation and other therapy. You may have reduced capacity for work or be forced to either take a lower-level position with less responsibility or work fewer hours. In the most severe case, you may be permanently disabled.
Our attorneys at Nichols Darling PLLC can help. We know you are overwhelmed by the injuries and the attempts to deal with insurance companies and the responsible party’s lawyers. Our firm has a great deal of experience working with complex cases, and we have a strong track record of success with judges and juries.
We work aggressively to obtain the compensation you need to recover and get on with your life. Success in court is also about justice, and we work to hold negligent drivers accountable for their failure to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.
Distracted driving, drunk drivers and drivers who are fatigued are just a few of the types of negligence that lead to auto accidents and cause untold suffering for other motorists who were minding their own business when their lives were transformed.