Witness Preparation Services

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In a civil trial, much of the focus will be on the witnesses. A core function of the trial is to ascertain the credibility of the witness. The performance of a witness on the stand can significantly help or hinder a case, making preparation of a witness for the arduous task of testifying at deposition and trial critical in every case. At Nichols Walter PLLC, we can assist your law firm with this important task.

Witness Preparation Is Paramount

We believe that preparing a witness for providing testimony is paramount to a successful defense. While every case is factually different, the foundational preparations are similar. Our work with witness preparation allows them to testify in depositions and at trial in front of a jury with confidence, helping them to appear credible and competent, despite the pressure of the courtroom.

Trials And Depositions Are Different

The pressure and stress of testifying in a deposition or court is often underestimated. No matter how competent and confident a person may be in their work, being placed under the intense scrutiny of an adverse attorney during a deposition or cross examination can undermine that confidence.

At Nichols Walter PLLC, we understand this. Our success at trial is predicated on our thorough and meticulous preparation. A large degree of this preparation centers upon preparing witnesses for deposition and trial testimony in a way that permit their ability and competence to be displayed.

When preparing for a deposition, we work on demonstrating the strength of the witness and ensuring they provide consistent testimony. For a trial, the emphasis is on developing their skill and confidence when presenting their testimony to persuade a jury.

Understanding Language Differences

We assist witnesses in understanding the difference between how professionals within their field speak of matters and how they will be discussed by lawyers in a courtroom. We help them to acclimate to the language difference to make sure misunderstandings do not fluster or lessen their credibility. We also, when necessary, bring in additional specialists from their areas of expertise to ensure their fluency when interacting with lawyers.

We Can Help You With Your Witness Trial Preparations

Because of our significant experience with these matters, we are often called upon to present this information at seminars and CLEs, and to assist other law firms with their preparations when handling complex cases where there is need for sophisticated witness preparation and planning. For an appointment to discuss this service with the attorneys of Nichols Walter PLLC, call our Lexington office toll free at 866-554-5430.