Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are among the most traumatic for those involved because they are so unexpected. They are also traumatic because they leave behind a family who has lost a parent, a son or a daughter and who must deal with the inherent unfairness of losing a loved one who died through no fault of their own.

Working For Justice

These cases are often brought because the family who has lost a parent needs monetary compensation to make up for that lost income. The family still needs to pay their mortgage or rent, buy groceries and clothes and cover the thousands of expenses incurred in daily life. But they also want more. They want justice.

Is A Life Worth A Few Pennies? Or A Trivial Text?

When someone dies because a trucking company felt the need to push a driver to stay on a Kentucky road for just a few more hours, or when a food company ships a product containing a toxin because they needed to save a few pennies per item, it can leave family members with a profound sense of injustice.

Your parent or child died because some multinational corporation wanted to save a few pennies? Or because someone could not wait a few minutes to send a text message, causing a momentary lapse in a driver's attention and leading to an all-too-permanent fatal accident?

Our attorneys at Nichols Walter PLLC understand your family's need for compensation and for justice. We are experienced and compassionate trial attorneys who will work to prove the negligence that led to your loved one's death, send a message to those responsible and provide some degree of justice.

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