Medical Malpractice Defense

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The allegations can be devastating. Helping people is at the core of medical practice, and to find your best efforts have been found not merely wanting but allegedly negligent can be overwhelming.

Experienced Attorneys Who Know How Provide An Aggressive Defense

Nichols Walter PLLC understands your emotions, and we will work with you to build an effective defense, marshalling the facts of your case, the medical literature and medical experts to eliminate or limit liability to allegations of negligence.

For medical professionals, these allegations demand an experienced response. Our lawyers have worked extensively in this area, defending numerous individuals and institutions successfully. Our experience means we understand many of the issues and the Kentucky laws that apply in advance, and we have a network of experts to call on to help explain what happened.

Our Skill At Trial Preparation Makes Us Different

We are rigorous in our trial preparation and have achieved great success for our clients with pre-trial dismissals and the discovery phase, as well as at trial. Our attorneys work with you, keeping you apprised of every stage of the proceeding.

Our firm has handled many medical malpractice defense cases to successful jury and bench verdicts, and our meticulous preparation for every element of a trial ensures that our evidence, exhibits and witness preparation are done with consummate care and attention to detail. Our record of success in the courtroom is a testament to the completeness and competence of our work.

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