Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Liability Appeals

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While our firm is exceptionally experienced when it comes to courtroom litigation involving medical matters, we also know how significant many administrative dealings are for healthcare entities and professionals. Because of our great familiarity with issues ranging from medical professional liability defense to licensure and credentialing of physicians and nurses, we can provide knowledgeable representation and counsel on a number of administrative matters.

Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Liability Appeals

Our firm can provide hospitals with the legal representation necessary to successfully challenge Medicaid reimbursement rates. Only a handful of firms have this expertise. Our attorneys have the knowledge of the law and the experience with the appeal process needed to get favorable results.

Certificate Of Need Issues

The Kentucky Certificate of Need (CON) law imposes specific requirements on providers. These requirements can create operational barriers for healthcare providers desiring to initiate certain new healthcare services, obtain certain medical equipment or build, modify, renovate or relocate healthcare facilities. Nichols Walter PLLC has experience working with clients on a wide variety of administrative and regulatory issues including Certificate of Need.

Our CON practice represents providers at all stages of CON-regulated projects. This includes guidance throughout the CON application process and litigation of CON appeals at trial and appellate levels. In addition to representing healthcare providers seeking a CON, we also represent entities who are opposed to the granting of a CON to a provider.

Physician Medicaid Provider Recoupment Appeals

Our firm can provide physicians with the legal representation necessary to challenge Medicaid recoupment actions. If you receive a Medicaid recoupment notice that you believe is unwarranted, let our attorneys advise you on your rights to challenge that recoupment.

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If you are facing issues involving Certificate of Need (CON), reimbursement appeals or recoupment appeals, you need experienced legal counsel. Our lawyers understand these issues and work for the best possible outcome in their case. Contact our Lexington firm with our online form or call 859-368-8116 or 1-866-554-5430.