Why Would You Choose Mediation For A Legal Dispute?

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The statistical reality is that most cases will settle. One study found only 0.6 percent of civil cases resulted in a full trial. Trials are expensive, stressful and in many cases uncertain. You hand over the ultimate decision in your case to a judge or jury. With mediation, the goal is settlement from the beginning, making it a less stressful form of dispute resolution and allowing you to focus on the result.

Retain Control Of The Resolution Of Your Dispute

One advantage of mediation is that you have a greater range of options for your settlement. A judge or jury can only chose certain outcomes. With mediation, you essentially form a contract with the other party to resolve your matter. You can agree to any solution that makes sense, opening up additional ways to resolve your dispute.

Because you are not constrained by the rules of evidence or a court's calendar, the timeline for resolution can be much quicker and your total cost much lower. At Nichols Walter PLLC, we can often schedule your mediation on short notice, when time is of the essence. We are also able to travel throughout Kentucky to accommodate your matter.

Work With A Certified Mediator

Mediation is an informal process that generally yields faster results than a court trial, while also saving you the expense and stress of litigation. We have experienced, certified mediators among our attorneys, who have a record of successful resolution of even the most challenging cases, including such matters as the following:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical malpractice issues
  • Premises liability claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Commercial litigation
  • Civil rights
  • Professional liability issues

Contact Our Firm

Our certified mediators are also lawyers, experienced with much litigation. They understand how to help you resolve your matter. Contact our Lexington firm with our online form or call 859-368-8116 or 1-866-554-5430,.